Have you ever taken invega sustenna?

Are you on invega sustenna? What side effects have you got when you started taking the shots? does the happiness come back gradually?

Please help anyone

I’m on the lowest possible dose of invega sustenna. I don’t notice much side effects. Usually a bit drowsy during the day.

I don’t have problems with my emotional life. I feel normal most of the time.

I’m on the 100mg dose, can’t wait to lower it as I’m still suffering from lack of emotions and don’t feel happy at all.
Do you work? Is your cognitive and thinking function normally?

I’m on 50 mg. I have a full-time job and I am handling it good enough. My cognitive and thinking is getting a little bit better than previously. Still not as good as they used to be. I have done memory tests. My weakness lies in memory. But I’m within the normal range. A lot of time I remember things better than my mom. My thinking ability is enough for adaptive functioning. It might be inadequate if I want to do a PhD.


Huh I wonder if this is happening to me with inches I having dwelt much joy for a long time even tho I never was a happy person the ed gets better if u were wondering about that still low libido tho

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How long have u been on the 50ml?

Low libido with me too, how many mg are u on?

A little longer than 2 years. My cognitive is not really good. I take care of myself reasonably. I think I can only manage an easy job. I can’t do a lot of thinking.

Is it the meds that doing that? The invega? Or in general ur having problems

It’s difficult to tell whether it’s the med or sz. I tend to believe that both play a role. I have a lot more cognitive difficulties when I was taking abilify so I believe med has a lot to do with the cognitive problems.

I see what you mean because the invega is causing me some problems with thinking as well that’s why I need to lower the dose it’s hard

I also want to lower the dose (or even stop taking the med) if my doc allows. I think the med makes me drowsy and causes cognitive problems. Since I’m getting better when they cut down my med 2 years ago, I think med is doing that to me. I want to get rid of that.

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Me too but I have to do it gradually so the doctor needs to approve it first, I’d say the cognitive problems caused by the 100mg are severe, you are lucky you are taking half that

Anyone else tried invega sustenna?

I’m on lowest dose for 2 and a half years. My prolactin is 2000. No periods, gained 40lbs…other than that I’m fine but my memory isn’t as well as it used to be. I’m holding a full time job and studying.


Tried it, didn’t get rid of the positive symptoms. Stopped my periods and raised my prolactin. Switched meds.

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I have never taken this medication.

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Happiness does not come back on this drug. Not one good feeling.


How long did you take it for? And what dose?