Have u guys had ur breakfast

Its evening time here in nepal…drinking a lot of black tea today…haha …god bless all of us…


God bless you, @far_cry0! I’m going on two nights in a row with very little sleep. I’m getting too old for this.
I’ll have to just try to keep the day (my mind) very quiet all day so it doesn’t go bad.

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7am in Western Canada. Having a bowl of oatmeal and getting ready for work. Hoping to write three more insurance policies today and get through at least 20 renewal phone calls.


U are blessed pixu…i always envy u…i am just trying to volunteer…thanks man…i like u man…u really have good family…take care man …thanks😜

Sister hedge good bless u
.are u still teaching in school…

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Yeahhhh, God bless us!!!

Hope you get some good sleep Hedgehog.

Black tea can be a delight far_cry .


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Zilija are u still awake it almost 11 12 o clock…

Sorry, @far_cry0. I got distracted elsewhere and now maybe you’re asleep? I’m on summer break. It’s about 2.5 months of not going to work. I’ve been doing a lot of yard work but also just wasting a lot of time relaxing. I needed this break after a difficult year at work, but soon it’ll feel like this is the marathon and I’ll be desperate to get back to work.
Never really happy, @far_cry0. :blush:

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