Have just turned off all my phones


And disabled all voice messages. I have texted all my loved ones first to tell them and I gave them my email if they need to get in touch.


Why? 15151515115


Is kinda lame but I just don’t want anymore bad news. I’m just not in a position to cope with it. I am being selfish and cutting myself off just now till a time I can handle it better.


I think it’s good to have a phone, whatapp, whatever, in an emergency situation it’s important


My mother used to call me to tell me who was dead or pregnant,

and it got to be that our conversations were life or death

even though I want to know, she always hit on the nerve.


I’ve got the phone here to phone out if important but I’ve told the people that matter to me to just email for now. I get instant notifications on emails.


Jay cutler did this when he was training for mr Olympia. He said people would call him with negative stuff. And he would just hang up the phone on them. Can’t be bothered.


If you think about it phones are kinda rude. If someone was to walk into your house and sit in the corner shouting ‘listen to me, listen to me’ over and over until you responded it would be pretty weird.


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