Have arranged for a cleaner to come in once a week

I will pay for 2 hours cleaning. Should help me out.


Great idea ! :sunny:


A lot can be done in two hours. I have a cleaner that comes in once a week for three and a half hours and she gets a lot done.

This is a stupid question but here goes, What exactly do they do to clean? Do you still have to pick up your ■■■■ and make your own piles of stuff/I mean organize?

Yeah the lady cleans downstairs Airbnb so she can come into mine after. She charges by the hour- can only afford two hours worth a week so will ask her to clean for two hours only, rather than staying until the job is done (by that I mean if the total cleaning would be over two hours worth I would ask her only to clean up to 2 hours).

Does this seem reasonable?

I’m thinking about having someone clean my other place.
Maybe twice a month would be sufficient.
It gets real dusty very quickly.

Good idea @Jimbob.

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I have a cleaner twice a month. $90 a month. It really helps me out she and her co worker do a great job. I tidy up before she comes then she makes it sparkle!


I think even an hour should be enough. They work quite quickly.

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I was looking into this for my mom and me… I was hoping they could do laundry too. I probably couldn’t afford more than two hours a week anyway.

Good idea.

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Oh I think that’s great! Just get your stuff all picked up so she can focus on the scrubbing and dusting and you’ll certainly get your moneys worth.

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I will probably do the same but I don’t know how many times a week or a month is necessary and possible. Maybe one hour and a half twice a month are enough?

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All the guys with a cleaner : what about tooth brushing and hygiene? Do you brush your teeth enough? Carelessness spectrum is wide…

I have cleaners come in once a week. They clean the toilets and bathtubs and all the stuff I dont want to clean. For the most part - they do miss some stuff.