Hating yourself made evil all right

It’s a damned excuse to not change.

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Evil is as evil does. A lot of the people who do evil things use the excuse of past trauma and past abuse to justify the horrors they inflict on others. Unfortunately, most of the people who they inflict evil on have nothing to do with their past trauma. One time in the army a few of my friends were hiding some whiskey in the drop ceiling. They found a grenade, with the pin pulled and the safety clip off, and only a single strand of tape keeping the spoon from popping and setting off the grenade. It would not have taken too much time for the tape to dry rot, and for the grenade to explode. Somebody had given an especially nasty little f*ck you to the world, probably because they thought the world hadn’t treated them right. Maybe their life had been rough, but that doesn’t give them the right to take it out on people who had done them no harm.


That’s really messed up. Some people can be the worst :confused:

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