Has school taken your will power

I really wonder if school is even good for people with sz. Sometimes I feel we get so pounded down by school that it destroys our ability to even work. We begin to feel unable to complete and don’t have the will to get a job. Maybe we should work then when we overcome work if we want we could try school. I don’t really know but wondering if anyone has experienced this as it seems school is so difficult. I may be wrong just wondering your thoughts.

Depends on the schizophrenic, I know it wasn’t for me but I can’t speak for all schizophrenics! School really drove me crazy back when I was a teenager/20 years old

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I find the hardest part of school is finishing. I usually get depressed half way through. Like with the programming class I took. When we started doing OOP, it got hard and confusing. I quit the class. I didn’t have the time to spend 20+ hours a week because I’m a caregiver. I suck at time management too.


I went crazy in nursing school 34 years ago. I remember the exact day. It was the very first day of nursing school, during orientation in fact. Then, the second day, during first day at clinical, I really went bonkers. I stuck it out though for the whole 4 and a half years and graduated, amazingly. I graduated with a 3.0 G.P.A. How I did it, I don’t know. I had an above average I.Q. at the time. It is gone now, after years of psychosis. To think that I worked as an R.N. for ten years, and all the while, crazy as a loon, and most of that time, un-medicated. Scary to think.