Has schizophrenia changed your core self? (Personality Theory}

I think this personality theory is consistent through most of my life and surprisingly little affected by meds.

Cattell’s 16 Personality Factors

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Between the symptoms and meds (all of my life) I don’t know my core self - With every new medication I take, my personality changes

I was lucky to find a good medicine for me during the first year of treatment. Sounds horrible to be put through so many changes that you don’t recognize yourself. How many different medicine’s have you taken?

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The schizophrenia can not changes the person to another person
this means that,the sz can not changes the self itself,but it can
changes the personal characteristics for the worst

There is a lot of research that has come out over the past decade out of top universities indicating that personalities can and do change throughout life for many people - just as our brains can always change. This is independent of illnesses like schizophrenia - which could further change things.

One of the leaders in this research area is Carol Dweck of Stanford University:




When I really couldn’t get through my day and I was starting to worry my parents I was 11. I know my personality would have changed a lot from my 11 year old self.

But some of my family swear that there is a glimmer of consistency under all the meds and the illness. Since I didn’t start growing up until recently, I guess I’ll just have to take their word for it.

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No, but the things I’ve learned through it have changed me.


Hi @Twang I am sure there are some that have been on more meds than me throughout their lifetime, but since I was a kid I have been on pretty many different kinds of meds. I would say about 25 different meds, not at once though, spread out throughout my lifetime

Great work they’re doing there.

I wish I had never been told I was extremely intelligent since that fixed mindset made me crumple at challenges just as they predicted.

Also I was an insecure type child and didn’t grow any positive expectations about acceptance until 30 or 40 years later, and I could still use an “intervention” on that.

We do not paying any attention to the changes that occur in the personal characteristics
of most people,we focus on the radical changes in the individual characteristics
of people with schizophrenia

the question
is there are changing " alteration" in the psychological essence { inwardness } during
the schizophrenia case ?

is the effectiveness of sz can make radical changes in the personality characteristics
of the individual who suffer from the sz ?

the sums of abnormal personal characteristics of the individual make up the case
so-called schizophrenia ?

is the anatomical alteration in the brain areas “whaterver the cause” can make up a radical changes in
the frame /content of personal information,cultural believes,religious beliefs,family
ties and social relationship ?

Without a doubt.

I used to be a terrible person with a great personality, and now I’m a great person with a terrible personality.

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It made me think and still think that I am an archangel or prophet. It changed the way I think about many things like polotics, people, or religion. I thought it would improve my personality or outgoingness, but that hasn’t really happened. It probably made me even more withdrawn then I’ve always been.

I think schizophrenia has caused me a lot of problems and has led to my personality going downhill.

Yes, I don’t know who I am but I’m developing a new core self one I want to be as from what I remember from when I was young, I wasn’t happy, I think schiz has made me very different, my mum sometimes says she wants the old me back but then other times says schiz has made me into a wonderful, caring person, I don’t really see that, I try to be kind to people, I have a more in depth understanding of what life can be for some people.

I know people have always called me wise, I’m an old soul, schiz has made me older, but I haven’t really grown up yet, I’m stuck at 18, I’m developing independence, I’m making changes, I’m trying to develop a self that I will like, I will develop a form of self importance so that I don’t have to have psychosis do so.

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It blows me away when you say stuff like this and it is EXACTLY where I’m at. I also feel stuck at about 18. Just learning how to self manage and take care of myself and learn how to get through my day. In some cases I feel so much older then 29. Other ways I feel like I’m just now waking up and growing up.

I have over heard my Mom ponder to my Dad, wondering who I would have been if this never happened. But my parents have told me they are proud of me when I’m trying my best to stay on track. I do realize that as long as they can see the effort that goes into me staying on track, they are a lot more patient with me when I’m having a day that just falls apart.

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Ah it’s good I’m not alone! I feel so isolated sometimes, because i’m not very independent and I feel judged for that, I want to shout my accomplishments and what I’ve been through so that people don’t think I’m lazy or immature because I don’t know how to do the ironing, have an acceptable sleeping pattern or whatever, when actually I feel over twice my age. I think you put it well, the way you fluctuate between being young and old, I definitely get that!

My mum says that at times… how it could have been, but she tries not to because she know it makes me feel low because it gets me thinking that way. She used to do it a lot but not so much now, only when she herself is low, I think she’s becoming proud of me as I’m getting more out there and making those changes, like you, so if I do have a day where I wind up in bed hiding or acting up due to positive symptoms etc then it’s not such a big deal.

Thanks for not making me feel so alone,