Has anyone tried TMS "Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation"

They say it really works for depression which i kind of have with the schizoa. Im wondering if anyone has tried it or know about it and does it work? My psychiatrists office does it right next door and if my insurance ok’s it i could have magnets poking my brain. Also maybe @mortimermouse might know since u study psychology. Ive done research on it but research is one thing, experience is another.

Anyone here know anything? Would really be a help if anyone has tried it and has worked for them

I haven’t heard of this for scz. It’s for depression and has a good record as a last resort for depression. Dunno man. It’s more neuro than psychological. I’ll ask my neuro friend.

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Neuro friend and I just had coffee, Transcranial magnetic whatever is not very good according to him. It’s “useless” for schizophrenia, to quote him directly. He directed me links to some articles about it which I will read maybe Friday evening after the lab meeting and before going out. I have to type up my whole thesis tomorrow and then go to the MMA gym for training. Oh well, beats being bored.

But no Transcranial magnetic whatever is not any good for us. Take them meds though! See that psychotherapist too! Get gears moving in the right life and be healthy above all. For me part of being healthy is being really busy some days and or weeks. For some others, managing symptoms is what keeps them busy.

Like right now I am about to watch a show and then well I am a bit sleep deprived so I should sleep well then wake up and review one last time for an exam and then start the day. I am practicing some “self-care”. Telling myself: Just watch the forensic psychology show and sleep. Work will resume tomorrow. I was productive from 9 to 9 today and have been for the last three days.

See this ■■■■ works don’t get your hopes up on some magnets attached to your skull lol

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