Happy two days

I had a rather tough period.

Now the last two days I feel happier and more relaxed. Restarting a tiny bit of medication helped, if I am honest. Also changing a few thoughts helped. And going out to do fun things with kind people helped.

I went to the hairdresser and got a few nice colourful clothes from a friend, so I look well-cared for again.
I went to drink and eat some real nice food in town and chatted with some people. I let the real strict dieting be for a bit.
I bought a very hopeful book that helps me.
I had ice cream with kid and dad. They were a joy to be around.
I am trying to look at people more mildly, like my parents, my doctor, (myself :)). It works wonders.
I’m taking strolls in the sun.

I wanted to share that I feel better again. Not over-the-top-happy. Just a bit more relaxed and content.


Yikes. You shouldn’t be playing doctor !

But I’m glad you’re feeling happier.


I’m glad you are feeling better.
Nice update.
Thank you for sharing with us.

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When I don’t get my med’s I get intense anger. I don’t lash out physically, but I can get emotionally abusive.


Crimby I can really relate to what you are saying. Whitout meds I’m reall heartbreaker. On meds I’ve got no anger issue’s.


I like that you try to look at yourself with a kinder eye. I think that is vital for happiness.


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