Happy Cakeday @Someuser 🍰

Happy Cakeday @anon5927173 :cake:

It’s your one-year forum anniversary!


Happy forum anniversary @anon5927173

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Glad your around here and well done on your anniversary!

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i know its not your birthday, but its like a birthday. and therefore cake (btw this argument is both valid and sound) happy cakeday @anon5927173

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Happy cake day! I got a good laugh out of the name some user. Think its funny.

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Thanks @Moonbeam , @anon96660997 , @rogueone , @anon92887483 and @anon12381882 .

@anon92887483 a sound argument indeed :slight_smile:

Thanks @rogueone you are awesome to have around here too

And I’m glad you like the name @anon12381882 . I wanted the most inconspicuous name I could think of :stuck_out_tongue:


Happy cake day @anon5927173!

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Cake ! :cake:

Happy forum anniversary!

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Happy Cakeday @anon5927173! :cake:

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Happy cake day.

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