Happy Birthday Joanne!


Why didn’t you tell us much sooner? Or did you?


I didn’t get on the computer until late and now I’m ready for bedtime. I worked today and had a friend over and went over to my brother’s for cheesecake. Thanks.


happy birthday joanne, i hope you have a good one.
take care


happy birthday Joanne!! wow, you work !! good for you !!


Happy birthday!!!


Yes, I hope your Birthday was certainly a Happy one!!


Happy Birthday Joanne !!! Wish you happy and good luck in the year to come !


Happy Birthday Joanne.


Happy Birthday Joanne! :birthday:


Have a very happy birthday Joanne, and I hope you got to enjoy it to the fullest. :birthday:


Happy Birthday Joanne!


Thank you everybody! It was a good birthday!


A belated Happy Birthday to you!!