Happy Birthday Fellowman!


Happy Birthday @Fellowman! Hope you have a wonderful day and year to come! :smile:


Wow, another birthday… :smile:

Happy Birthday Fellowman, I do hope you get to have some fun and spend this with people who make you happy. Enjoy to the fullest… :birthday:


Happy Bday! Enjoy some cake for us!

We’re all very glad to have you here :slight_smile:




Thankyou very much Caroline. I had a great day. This morning I visited Yana here in Pretoria. It is a facility that houses people with schizophrenia. They also give psycho social training and cbt and lots of other stimulating programs. I’m going to be evaluated by their occupational therapist to see where I can fit in their structure…we discussed the possibilty of volunteering and also the possibility of starting a support group for schizophrenics as there isn’t something like that in our city. I feel so excited. Later during the day I visited my sister and this afternoon I had pizza and cake with my best friend.


Thankyou James and Anthony I really appreciate your wishes


Happy birthday! Sounds like you are having a good day!


Happy Birthday Fellowman!! :sunny:


**Happy Birthday!**Sounds like you had a good one


Happy Birthday Fellowman! Sounds like you are having a great birthday!


happy birthday @Fellowman , hope you had a good one.
take care


Happy Birthday