Happy 17th of may! Norwegian independence day

Todays is the Norwegian independence day.
Norwegians put on their finest clothes, usually the traditional ‘bunad’, and have hotdogs and icecreams and gather to sing songs and hold speeches.
When there isn’t a lockdown, they also hold parades in all cities, and schools have lots of games for the little ones to participate in.

Everyone gets off work and school.

So, if there are any Norwegians here, happy 17th of may! :norway:


I looked it up. You got your independence from sweden in 1905. Still relatively new.





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Happy Norwegian independence day!

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Are people as attractive in Norway as they are in Sweden?

And do they have that sweet sweet health care…

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Yes they are, and yes they do :smiley:
Doctor and ER visits still cost a little, and service is spotty if you don’t live in one of the major cities.

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