Handdrawn meme

My little sister and I agreed to give each other handdrawn memes for christmas, and I made this.

I still have time to decide it’s not good enough and make another, but this is what I got so far.

Any thoughts?

Suggestions for other memes?


lol thats funny, you have a great sense of humour. Good job! I was thinking of maybe practicing drawing. Yours looks great. how about some doggo memes? or this one haha

or this one haha

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If someone gave me that, i would frame it and it would hang in a prominent location for decades.

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I thought about drawing that ponting lady one, but had trouble thinking up a caption.

Maybe something like this?
Pic 1 “you promised to get me a present!”
Pic 2 “this IS your present”

Aww thank you :slight_smile:


haha i think its amazing as a present, maybe the memes could be about something different or atleast one of them about the holidays lol

memes as a gift is such a good idea lol. The gift of laughter and happiness :slight_smile:

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you could do something like this lol

you could also make a hide the pain harrold face mask hahaha


Haha, I love the “shut up and take my memes” one :smiley:

I love the facemask too, but have no way to make it

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A picture of Uncle Sam saying “I’m not a democracy but I play one on TV”

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I did one!


That’s really good !

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You are very talented @Pikasaur


lol thats so cool! good job @Pikasaur

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