Halloween gotcha tongue tied?


Awwwwww so cute @Rhubot

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Let’s be Halloween friends!


Black cats are the best. They’re small but smart in their unique way. Friendly too. I’m so happy I got a black at. Tiger cats are cool too. And marmalades. But I like black cats the best. My dad had a rare cat that went for 5000$ in Brazil or so he was told…and this was 25 years ago. Siamese cat. She was mean though to everyone except my dad.

That your cat!? Or new kitten?

“That catnip had sometin in it…”

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That’s Claudelet as a little kitten :heart_eyes_cat:

She is cute. What does she look like now? T

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She looks wicked!

She is snotty. But also sweet. Gus is the nice one, he don’t know snotty.

Show me a pic of Gus please.

Here’s Gus.

CUTE GUS! :cat2:

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