Guys I am on the moon... Selegiline 20 mg

Guys I am on the moon…

I take Olanzapine - antipsychotic 20 mg every night and I eat small amount of food entire day.

I started taking 20 mg Selegiline a week ago and I am soooo…oooo…ooo happy.

I tried Selegiline few years ago but I never existed here on earth,

I always existed on a [ SciFi — Brain -> Zone. ] zone.

You know popular Television series [ X - Files ] ?

The tag line of this serial is [ The truth is out there ].

So I never had a properly treated body [ brain ]

Now I started 20 mg Selegiline a week and continue to do so


I am awesome. I feel like I am 16 year old again. I still have SciFi thoughts – SciFi interference

but I am happy now.

Now, I am more like AWAKE.

In older days I took selegiline 5mg only and irregularly.


If you take 5 mg during night or before sleep you will have trouble sleeping…

low doses are not so awesome.

20 mg is awesome…awesome…awesome…awesome

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Do you take 20 a day or a week? I am interested in selegiline. How do you deal with the dietary restrictions?

Selegiline is form of Methamphetamine.Why do you want to take that.Is also MAO inhibitor,so you never know how effects will it have on your medication.Let others feel high.

Selegiline doesn’t interact with risperidone. It does metabolize into amphetamine. I have a lack of interest in everything and want some dopamine back. I tried cutting down on risperidone and was in agony for 2 years from one cut.

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@friscokid12 smoke a cigarette, drink some coffee, take L Tyrosine, get some exercise, there’s plenty of ways to obtain dopamine.

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I used to abuse Selegiline from 5mg’s a day,to 20mg after week.Then it came to my mind that I developed a tolerance,and needed more,so I stopped taking it and threw it away.It had stimulant effect and gave me pleasant feeling at first,but effect lasted only hour and then I felt a need for more.It’s best to stay away from it,because at doses above 20 mg’s it acts as no longer MAO B inhibitor,but MAO A,which can interfere with some food above all.It’s a serious and dangerous drug,stay away from it!