Green Matcha Tea

I was going to buy Matcha tea last week when I was out with my partner. It was 17$ so I didn’t buy it.

Today I received an order from Amazon, it contained Matcha tea, he had ordered it for me.

I mean is this a way to manipulate? :rofl: I’m drinking it, it doesn’t even taste good but it’s supposed to be very healthy.

I am going to color my hair black and take a shower.


I tried matcha once. I didn’t prefer it over coffee.

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It doesn’t taste good. It’s so bitter


It’s supposed to be good for your brain and help you lose weight. That makes it taste better to me.

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After having a mug of Matcha tea, I felt great and happy. I went and did 4.5K steps in the sun.

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My vape stopped working again. I have to stop by the vape shop. I have yoga class at 5:30 pm then I will color my hair black.


Matcha tea sent me to the hospital! :frowning:

what happened?


I had an allergic reaction to it.
Body rash and dangerously high blood pressure.

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Oh okay I thought it was something related to mental. I like it so far.

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This topic reminded me that I have matcha tea; now I’m fixing some. :smile:

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Whats it gots in its pocketsesssss?

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