@Gratitude, @Discipline I'm not putting up with this much longer

I’m worth my weight in gold

Nobody in their right mind sticks around.

I’ve gone thru long periods of being gone

so likely, I’ll be back.

Nothing is done here about counter attacks,

I guess they’re free and I’m not.

I hate that I’m seen as rude,

furthest from my truth. I only wish @firemonkey would follow me out.

What’s the problem @Daze?

Some people take exception to some of the things you’ve said. You’ve never been rude to me, though. I guess if you’re gonna leave that’s up to you. It would be a shame though.


This place has it’s bad and good types. Unfortunately moderation can be slow to acknowledge and support you when affected by the former.

I often feel like quitting because of that. There is nothing worse than being made out to be a liar when in fact you’re just telling the truth. I hang out because for better or worse, after 20 years, I’m rather addicted to the place.

I get stressed out being here with the lack of support and understanding(not so much from ordinary posters) but I feel techy during absences.

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and why would I be so special to get such attention

I guess cuz I’m prolific, can’t think another reason why.

You can’t please the whole choir. I wouldn’t even know how.


You never been rude to me also.
I will be sad to don’t see your posts in the morning.

You sure are one functional person. I can see you’re genuine


What happened?
You’re always very supportive of me! I would miss you soooo much! Please stay!!

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It might be I don’t agree on some of the things you say but I’ve not seen you as rude.

As someone else who calls things how they see them, I understand your frustration.

Sometimes when we speak our truth it isn’t coming out as friendly or supportive as we mean.

I think that is the problem. Be open to the fact that sometimes, just sometimes your words come across not so nice.

I’m saying that as someone that does the same, not as an attack.


I’ve known you since the old site Creative Cravings. I remember how you used to post a lot of poetry. I guess in a perfect world we would all hold hands and get along, but not here. Like I said, it would be a shame if you left.

I’ll consider staying

but you know, I’m not liked easily

look how few Likes or comments I get on my poetry

it’s like everyone wishes they were a lot more like me.

it’s spite.


Where is your poethy?
I don’t think I read one of your poem.

You should invite me to them

There’s a bottom at the buttom which says invite

Well not everybody’s into poetry. I don’t think there’s as much poetry going on as there used to be, although there’s been more lately. I don’t always comment on people’s poetry because I don’t know what to say. Maybe other people are like that, too.

they’re in the creativity section, honey

I share some.

I will check them out

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I’d read it. Sorry I haven’t. I access on mobile and don’t see anything in sections, just newer stuff.

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I think you should stay @Daze. I appreciate your life experience and that you are genuine and tell it like it is.

Sometimes you could soften your tone a bit though.

I enjoy your poetry and your writing. You have a unique way of expressing yourself, often a play on words.


obviously people are not liking my tone

I’ll work on it

I forget I’m not on Facebook.


@Daze . I should read your poetry more. Being an occasional second rate dabbler in, at best, doggerel I don’t feel fit to give much of an opinion though. I used to be a little more creative when younger.


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