@gratitude Big Day, He’s Having A


its a routine surgery and they do it every day, so dont worry, your in safe hands :slight_smile:


I had the surgery. It freaking hurts!!! Thanks guys.


yikes! Hopefully it subsides! Omg, did they install an alternatives to profanity chip? Freaking, wtf :rofl:


Best wishes @Gratitude

The worst after a few days is the itching. Well, in my mind anyways. But hoping for a speedy recovery for you.


I love the word “freaking!!!” It came up on my voice to text recognition when I said fricking, I liked it so much I adopted it.

So here’s the thing, my last hernia never came back. It was a NEW hernia. Seems I’m cursed with hernias I’ve had three.


Ugh, 3 hernias :sob:. Freaking hell :wink:


The worst part. They blowed my stomach up with air. It made my stomach so damn tender and lots of pain for the first 18 hours. Last night was awful. But now I’m in less pain than I was from the last surgery which is good. God I hate hernias lol.


That sounds bloody awful! Ugh!


Trying to find a comfortable position in bed last night was lol.

I pretty much slept 18 hours almost in a row too.


Hope you are healing up!


Glad you made it through well and the pain had subsided some!


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