Got my ultrasound done today

First off everything looks normal. Secondly official word from the nurses is 5 weeks and 5 days along (about a week off from what we thought). Not sure if that will change when the doctor looks at the ultrasound pictures. We just barely caught a heartbeat. A day sooner and we probably wouldnt have seen it. It was at 107 and they said it will go up as it grows a little more. Since it was so early theyre gonna schedule another ultrasound a few weeks from now.

It really put my mind at ease. I know that because its so early the ultrasound basically just showed a little blob but I still got to see my baby and I got to hear from nurses that everything was going normal.

Again cant see much but that bigger white ring circle is the yolk sac and the little solid white circle is baby. Its not much but it means a lot to me.


Congratulations! I’m glad everything is normal and looks good.

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Congratulations @NeoPolitan02
It’s a beautiful thing

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Woohoo!!! :partying_face:

Glad it went well

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I loved going for ultrasounds with Hon before the kids were born.

One girl’s heartbeat sounded like a train…the other like a galloping horse. That’s how I could tell them apart.


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