Got my appointment for the covid vaccine

In 10 days time. 151515


I probably won’t get mine until July unfortunately.


That’s great, @anon94176359.

I fear it will be forever before I get mine,

But hopefully sooner than I think.


Yeah that sucks. Not sure if I got it early because I have SMI or maybe cos I am pretty heavy

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Good news @anon94176359


Thanks @Wave @anon21849028 @anon54386108 @everhopeful


Same here. Darn…

Jimbob please I worry be safe :hugs:

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My sis doesnt want it :frowning: i tried to help her change her mind but she says she isnt getting it :frowning: it kind of defies logic for me that she wouldnt take something that is supposed to help her, she is convinced it hasnt been tested properly and is unsafe :frowning: i said i’ll be taking it, i am a little worried about it but i just have to trust that it will be ok and will work out.

Mines tomorrow @anon94176359 ! I thought our group of SZ were going to get missed out but I got mine through too

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