Got hired at a big bank

Hi guys I got some good news, I got hired at a big bank as an analyst. Specifically I got hired by an organization that is designed to help people with autism called Specialisterne. This is their website

They help people who face similar barriers to employment as autistic people, so I applied with my schizophrenia diagnosis. I would encourage other similar people to take a look at their website if you are looking for a job. Good luck!


How is your job going? Which group do you work in i.e. IB CB.p? I worked in banking before my diagnosis and am interested in getting back into it,

So glad to hear this – thanks for sharing.


This is sort of my first real permanent job. I am in mid office in Capital Markets Risk Management. I presume by IB you mean investment banking. IB is too competitive to get into and stressful for me just starting out. I might consider moving towards IB, equity research or sales and trading after 1 or 2 years experience. My job is going well. With Specialisterne, they are not going to have front office roles available as they are just too competitive. I am still in the first month evaluation process. Basically they make you build lego robots, program them and make a powerpoint presentation as a team. I have 8 people on the team. I think it’s more of a problem solving and teamwork test, also tests your presentation skills. There is a colleague that is extremely domineering and overbearing and I spoke to the trainers. Then his attitude gotten a lot better towards me as he realizes he is in a precarious situation.

If you were in banking before your diagnosis I think it would be a lot easier to get back into front office roles as you already have the experience. However, I wonder if people like us should work in IB as the work hours are 80-120 hours a week and we need sleep to function well.

Thank you for sharing your success! Congratulations! I am so happy for you and wish you all the best!

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Nice! I worked front office in Markets before and am hoping to find a job at a small PE fund. I agree about IB

Nice, I used to work in pe / hedge funds when I was working as accounting controller. I have the skills but this disease prevents me from going back

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Yeah I still hear voices all the time even on meds albeit very quietly so I’m not sure if this will cause an issue distraction-wise. As you know these jobs require intense focus.

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Same here and stress just makes it worse, so I’m afraid of going catatonic again

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Hah ?? That’s inhumane !!


This is wonderful news. I am so happy for you!

Good stuff man :slight_smile:

I would advise you to never give up about your dreams in finance. It took me full 6 years since my diagnosis before I am capable of working full time and studying a masters of finance at the same time. I don’t know how long you and moonwalker have had schizophrenia but I think eventually with the aid of medication we can all learn to ignore our voices. My previous job was at an investment bank as an assistant and I heard colleagues talking about me all the time, eventually it got better. My job currently only has one or two hallucinations throughout the day and I have learned to ignore them so it’s manageable.


Thanks! Sounds like great advice.

Maybe I misread it but it appears to only be in 3 cities. It isn’t in a city that I am in I guess.