Got Called In

I had blood tests, routine stuff and they called me in to go over the results this coming Thursday, has me worried cause they don’t call you in unless something is wrong. Hate the medical waiting game :sob:

Thursday is several days. I’m thinking that if it were really bad, they’d call you in right away.


I agree. If it was urgent, you would already know.

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my last blood tests they called me and ordered me off one high blood pressure med and put me on fish oil. i hope you all is well with your blood tests results.

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Not sure what they will tell me it was 2 test, one for cancer screening (routine) and one for something I don’t understand, but it was to see if I had some sort of illness that relates to my arthritis, bone narrowing etc. It was a long word, I should have got her to write it down

Whenever my doctor refers me for blood tests, when she gets the results from the lab she calls me into her office to go over the results.

News was not good, as expected more to do with back and hip, ugh more doctors to see, it never ends

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