Got a 500$ grant for transportation / Scandinavia / Denmark

Had my pdoc sign a medical statement about my schizo. Now I will buy a scooter to get around more easily. Visiting my family and other stuff is easier now. I found a new model for 500$ plus deliverance costs. I wrote in my grant application that I was poor and needed transportation. It worked out.


Great news. What country / state are you in. Where did you get the grant from? Is there a web site where others can get information about getting such a grant?

Im in Scandinavia. Basically used the internet and found this “fund”(is this the right word) set up to support people with “mental illness”. and nerve disorders. I was just emphasizing that I needed the money for a practical cause like transportation.

Please share the internet web site so that others who live in Scandinavia might be able to get it.å

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@BarkingDog you’re welcome : )