Google has released an AI tool that makes sense of your genome


“Frey says AI will eventually go well beyond helping to sequence genomic data. “The gap that is currently blocking medicine right now is in our inability to accurately map genetic variants to disease mechanisms and to use that knowledge to rapidly identify life-saving therapies,” he says.”

"But genomic medicine represents an especially big opportunity, because the scale and complexity of the data is unprecedented. “For the first time in history, our ability to measure our biology, and even to act on it, has far surpassed our ability to understand it,” says Frey. “The only technology we have for interpreting and acting on these vast amounts of data is AI. That’s going to completely change the future of medicine.”


This is what we need. Gives me hope.


Will it help in sz.??


In a few years, yes.


Anything involving genes, so pretty much everything.