Good morning, wasuuuuuuuuup


Drinking coffee and laying in bed. Woke up barely able to find the energy to move.

At this point I’ve taken 7.5mg Ritalin , 200 mg modafinil and 2 double espressos


Hi @Sezbot241 I’m sorry you got miffed but excellent job turning your mood around, that’s not easy. I’ve been ok, just like you I’ve been trying to make the best of things. What time is it where you are?


The time right now is half past 8 in the evening. How about you?


That’s terrible, maybe the coffee will help. Sometimes coffee makes me fall back asleep, it’s like the caffeine doesn’t work anymore. The coffee is broken :open_mouth:


It is 230 in the morning


Hello i’m about to take a nap :sleepy: It’s afternoon here


I took a shower. I drank only 2 coffees. No voices. Inspiration, I completed a poem. That’s all


Post it man, make a thread if you wish :slight_smile:


It can’t be translated well in English. I completed the “Panzerfaust” that I had posted a week ago or maybe more.


Hey @leaf! Not much going on here today. I’m about to ride with my parents when they go out somewhere. Probably go by the gas station for a soda. Other than that, just chilling. Hope you are doing well today!


Didn’t get much sleep but I’m in a good mood! I got my trip extended another three weeks to spend with my mom, out here in CA where everything’s awesome. Once I get paid I might indulge myself on some chilled starbucks frappucino drinks, the ones int he glass bottles.

Haven’t seen you around last couple days where you been?


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