Good morning to all☀️


Good morning @Human . I’m kind of dragging a bit this morning myself. It’s early yet , though. Not much energy. How about you?


Good morning to ya @Bowens

I am dragging a bit today too, been up since a little before 4am because that’s when baby human woke up🥲

Now it’s almost 7…

You got any plans for the day?

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Nope. I guess there is an excessive heat warning today, so I will likely be staying inside in the AC today. You?

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Yikes… hope you manage to stay cold lol

It’s only supposed to get up to the 50’s or 60’s here today. :star_struck:

But nope… no plans here that I’m aware of.

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Amazing photo ! :camera_flash:

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Thanks much :smiley:


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