Good morning ☀ ☕

Woke up well!!

It is almost 7 am. Gonna work for a couple hours, shower/ visit my doc and come back home with a new prescription for Geodon.

JUST FYI Folks, if you see me deluded in about 3 weeks and talking nonsense, Please DO not Do not take it personally.
Let’s see how this med change will work. I am so excited! Just need to toughen up a bit.

I am having :coffee: from Costa rica and the weather is great :smiley:
It’s a good day for a good day :smiley:

What are you gonna do today?


Just another work day here, and a small road trip to get rid of some stuff

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I am leaving in an hour to see my doc. Let’s see what he’ll say.

I also have to do a blood test. Maybe I’ll do it tomorrow or monday.

Good luck at your dr appt! :slight_smile:

Today I’m going to go buy some groceries, then maybe take a nap before heading up to teach. Thinking about taking a different route to work today, we’ll see.

Have a great day! :grin:

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you too, have fun and good luck :smiley:

if you have soundcloud, there is some nice music on there

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hi !! just getting ready to go to Walmart to get Angie’s check cashed…we split the bills so it’s payday for me too…gonna buy some more V 8 to drink…yayy!!


I love V8! Especially the spicy kind. Think I’ll add that to my grocery list …

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Don’t have soundcloud, but I do have CDs, always blasting music of some sort while I drive. I drive a 2005 model, so no port to plug a phone into, just plays CDs.


U can listen to SoundCloud anyways! U don’t need one to listen. Only to like and repost and comment and manage ur favs and stuff.

I went to Pilates and did a blood test. Now I will study a lot.

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I just got home from the library. I got a book about physics.

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I feel so happy. I am switching to geodon finally.

Doc gave me prescription for three months.

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