Good morning from DrZen

by now I love you Elite would like to know a little bit about how I am well I have moved and my gal and I have settled in the place I purchased pays off in 2 years add my truck does to I still live in Kansas are the outskirts of town my health conditions after moving are as followed it ripped tendons in the elbow and shoulder stiffness in the leg numbness in the other back trouble my mental condition required a second mood stabilizer this is my first week on it times are hard I’m getting harder for people in the United States I have a very complex life taking care of family and band members my role here at has been nitpicked as many have failed I am unworthy well bite me you all have your problems too have a good day your friend Zen


Dr Zen I’m sorry to read of your struggles. You seem to be a good guy and I wish you better times. Have a day full of lots of picture taking opportunities.