"Good intentions paved the road to hell"

What do you think of this proverb?

Never liked,

But you were always on my mind, you were on always on mind.

Never heard of it… But I kind of like it. In the sense that good intentions alone are worth almost nothing. They need to be coupled with something else to lead to good outcomes. Idk, reason, logic, common sense… Thinking can be a virtue, I believe. Someone doing some stuff unthinkingly, but with the best intentions, leading to a disaster cannot always get away with just meaning it well.

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I would think it similarity to “good/nice guys finish last”…which is why I never liked it. Thought it sent the wrong message. That evil always prevails and being a good person paves the road to being miserable and unsuccessful. That’s how I thought of it.

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Ahh I see it can be read like that as well… don’t like it as much in that sense either

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@flybottle is right - it means that simply intending to do good isn’t enough. It’s a good saying.


In that case I believe it’s ALRIGHT…hitler had bad intentions and pretty sure he’s in hell, for example.

I’m neutral on it… I’d rather it not be said but I could see where they coming from :slight_smile: [quote=“Rhubot, post:6, topic:51680”]
It’s a good saying.

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We have a variation of that proverb in portuguese. Goes “Hell is full of good intentions”

I was plagued with this statement by hipocrites in my youth. I learned that good intentions are my redemption. I have a good soul just like all others… These fearful quotes are the clouds to the true self. ■■■■ this saying bro

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Ah @Rhubot this makes more sense … It was used against me more in the context @turningthepage was explaing

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