Good health = Automatic success

Good health = Automatic success.

I think it should be “Good health == Automatic success” from a programmer’s perspective. :grinning:


In what context or situations is this for? Because it surely ain’t true for a lot of endeavers in life.

@moonlee Meticulous thinking tells me a lot about creativity in your life.

So you mean my thinking is meticulous? Or you have some opinion about my creativity?

Yes. Continue using your creativity for insight and emotional healing.

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Everything = Universe = World = Finite changing physical existence.

In our World, single, entire World there are nothing but variations.

What I posted is one such variation as you rightly pointed out.

But, I posted it and it alone all because

without life there is no freewill.

Freewill is Manual mode

and without Freewill based life


Automatic — Laws apply

Manual mode ---- Apply laws.

Without life World is automatic i.e; laws apply



The dominant existence is AUTOMATIC MODE

though MANUAL MODE is only a fraction or small percent of EVERYTHING

it’s manual mode/freewill makes us choose

manual mode — having to choose something

Any way the dominant factor is AUTOMATIC MODE


Good health = Automatic success is jotted down in this thread

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your second statement is not Maxwellian

perfectly said :+1:

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Thanks friend. It’s always a happy sign when someone supports your point.

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I have a slight problem with this. But hey, everybody is entitled to their opinion, right?

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Yes it is just an opinion when we don’t consider all variations and state a single variation as if it’s all of it and nothing else left to it. I used “equal to” so it’s jumping to conclusion by not considering other variations which are equally important…

Yes, it’s just an opinion.

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You have a nice night, way12go. Cheers.

When it comes to existence before life there is no freewill only Automatic World or Automatic Existence.

After Life with FREEWILL is evolved we have AUTOMATIC+MANUAL.

AUTOMATIC+MANUAL = Existence is written and to be written.

Automatic = Existence is written

Manual = Existence is to be written.

When we are born we are not developed enough to exercise FREEWILL.

During childhood we have AUTOMATIC existence

Automatic is greater percentage in EXISTENCE

so I ignored other variations exclusively because we have bad health

and we are unable exercise freewill like a healthy first ranker does…

Our FAILURE is not our mistake.

My mistake was getting a large lemonade with my dinner. Too much sugar.