Going to ER

I hope you can have enough rest at the hospital and that you can come in good terms with food :relaxed:

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I hope that too

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Do you make your own food , or someone else always cooks for you?

Others cook for me

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They’ll inject me with Abilify soon

This is what you wanted to go back on the injection.

Maybe start cooking the things you want to eat? You would have to go grocery shopping and all but…

I’m underage and don’t have money

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Yes I’m not complaining

Sometimes making something your mum used to make for you at home when you, get out of the hospital can give you some comfort


Can’t keep anything down
I’m worried

Is it your swallowing?
Or is it your stomach that is giving you issues?

I don’t know what it is
Stomach most likely

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Try to trust the doctors and medical staff.
They are there to help you.

They don’t do anything although I’ve been vomiting for days

Let your mother know

She’s at work
I will call her when she gets out

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