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My girlfriend is heavily religious and I wanna make a good impression. Does god look down on us for having a mental illness or does religion see it as a burden from the devil, I’ve been hearing a lot of voices again recently more than usual and don’t want to freak out any tips on staying cslm and trying to ignore them for the meanwhile because I know it means the world to her and I would love to make a great impression

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Now if God is good with would he frown upon people with mental illness? I wonder if you ever went to church or listen to religious stations? The type of things you are thinking is not the message I get from religion.

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@anon12381882 Mostly what the voices are telling me at the moment just working through it because the basic premise of religion is the polar opposite it is a loving and caring place where they accept you no matter what, if he is the all knowing and loving deity then I believe that the voices are wrong for once. Religion is an amazing thing that people get the wrong impression on including me but my girlfriend has taught me the truth

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My experience has been that God is so loving. Never looking down on me but right here helping me the whole way. Because of halucinations and voices, I was tricked into thinking he was bad but over time I’ve learned that his is good to me.


Different churches have differing personalities. Some might be liberal while others may be conservative. If your girlfriend gets a lot of good from her church, she’s probably in a friendly one.

Thank you :slight_smile:

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You are most likely to be right I think the stress is getting the best of me.

From what I heard God is loving and forgiving. It’s in the bible. But my experiences tell me a different story. I have memories of the old testament God messing with me in modern times…in my past lives. I’m pretty sure it’s aliens doing/did this to me. It feels like karma. They used to do stuff like this to me all the time.

I’m learning to just let it go. I don’t like being afraid or living in fear. Right now, I’m not religious. I believe in god-like beings.

I still recall this crap. I guess it’s better than living in hell and suffering in eternity. I guess I’m blessed in that regard.

I’m guessing from human hands it being bad experiences maybe, the human condition is fragile and then the messages are lost from people’s mishaps but I’d like to believe that god forgives and doesn’t judge. Thank you for replying, have a good day


I don’t know man some Christians see it as being possessed. I’m a Christian and I know I’m not possessed I have the Holy Spirit but I have friends that know me and they know that it’s just illness. Basically you know you’re going to have chronic illnesses in life sometimes and that’s just life I guess that’s just the way it is .I think God would not look down on it I think he wants to help you with it. As far as controlling the voices I just went to church and it’s really hard to stay calm .I don’t know, I have my own ways of staying calm, like mantras and stuff like that. Whatever you do I guess to keep you calm is what you got to do

(Insert the Gawd of your choice here) may be all loving and forgiving, but the ceature he created better known as the human being sure isn’t.
Give those voices you’re hearing a back seat and let your girlfriend ride shotgun.
No female wants to be a man’s second interest.
When in Rome, do as the Romans.

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