Going to ask if i can be induced early

I am seeing the midwife on friday and im goinf to ask her if its possible.

I have a heart leak and the pregnancy has been causing me palpitations.

Also its wreaking havoc with my mental health.

Not to mention the lack of sleep due to pelvic pain. (Also voices)

Do you think they will allow this ? Im 27 weeks at the moment. Would be good if i could have it a month early.

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27 weeks is early.

Thinking you want to be induced at this point shows how unwell you are.

I hate that you’re suffering,

But I feel like with the hormones and added pressure,

You need some help.

I’d be afraid to go to the psych ward pregnant too,


You have to think of them.

You have to be well for them.

I think it’s time for you to consider going to the hospital.


I just googled this, since I don’t actually know, and 27 weeks induction is a bad idea.

From Google:

27- and 28-weekers still require a lot of medical care and can be expected to stay in the NICU for months.

It also looks like typical early induction is done at 39-40 weeks (for low-risk pregnancies).

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Ive emailed the perinatal mental health team just now asking them. Also on fridsy will ask midwife. I know i cant give birth yet bht even if i can have it 2 weels early that is 2 weeks earlier i can get back to being myself.

I al managing to rest somewhat while my mum has my son for a few days. But i realise i am not well and when he comes back if it gets really bad again i will ask to be admitted.

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Honestly, I’d see if your mom can hold him for longer so you can be admitted sooner rather than later. Better to get care now and help get things more manageable if possible before it gets really bad again. I’d rather you not have to even go through it getting really bad again before you go in. Don’t push yourself. The stress can be really bad for the baby, I’m sure.


I know. I am worried about my stress levels and the baby.

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Also my partners parents have booked a holiday at the end of september in scotland. I have told my partner this evening that i cant go. And i dknt want my son going without me. He understands but his mum wont.

She is the interfering mother in law. Its just if im like this at 27 weeks what will i be like at 34 weeks. I dont want to be this unwell in scotland far from home and far from support network.

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Well, your MIL can get over it. He’s your son, and if you feel uncomfortable with your son going without you, that’s your decision to have him stay home. You have final authority there, and she shouldn’t be trying to push your boundaries.

Also, I definitely understand not wanting to be unwell on a vacation, especially far away from home. That might be another reason to get checked in early and get things managed if possible–if you want to go on that vacation anyway.

Ultimately, do what’s best for you and the baby, imo.


Ty. Tomorrow i speak with the perinatal mental health team. I will ask aboit the possibility of being admitted and see what they say.


Also i see the heart specialist in september but im going to be asked if they can check on my heart sooner. It could just be the pregnancy causing palpitations or maybe my heart leak has got worse.

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Hopefully you get things figured out and it’s not a major issue!


I had medical issues during 2 of my pregnancies, including mental health issues. They induced me at 38 weeks, which was the earliest they could safely for the baby. Even babies born at 36 weeks may need extra medical attention. 27 weeks? They could have life long issues, including needing feeding tubes and oxygen and so much more. The only time ive heard of inductions that early is when the babies or mothers life is in danger.

Maybe a med change is in order. Talk to your doctor.


27 weeks is way too early. Brigid was born at 26 weeks and in the NICU for three months. The others were born at 38 weeks, 35 weeks, 37 weeks and 36 weeks and had no health issues. Pretty much at 8th month gestation and on they are okay. I was in the ward during two pregnancies. It was not a bad experience. They paid close attention to me due to being pregnant. Never got ■■■■ from anyone. No one messes with pregnant women.


I’m sorry you are dealing with so much. Honestly, if things are getting this bad, it does sound like it might be hospital time. With the heart palpitations, you can hopefully ask about being admitted to the cardiac floor instead of the psych floor. The time to rest will probably do a lot of good for your mental health as well.


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