Going away next week

Going to Disney next week. Had to order tests before and after we get home.


Nice! Enjoy the trip

I just got home from a week in Crete which was good


Enjoy @ish
I’ve started packing myself, going away for a while soon!

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Enjoy your trip, I’ve never been to Disney World/Land but I’ve heard good things about it.

My mom told me it was one of her regrets of my childhood, never taking my brother and I to Disney World. I guess it would’ve been cool as a kid but I don’t hold it against her.

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I’m glad you enjoyed yourself. The tests cost almost as much as the trip itself though.

Enjoy your trip @Wave :blush:

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You too @ish!
Disney should be fun!

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Hey have a great time at Disney!!! Mickey Mouse :notes:

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I hope you enjoy the trip.

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