Goals for the future

‘Maybe Even Become The Greatest Artist to The Aliens Living Beyond The Edges That We Can Witness With Our Greatest Technology’.~ :cat:

ThanX Splice & Dice (!!!)… . …

Do you find it hard to shower, cook and clean?

The triad of cure. Get into work, Find friends in the real world, and develop Emotional Depth.

I have lived by this for the past 7 years.

Triad of CURE

Thus Baffles My Speculative Curiosity

Not as bad as it once was. I take a bath usually at least every 3rd day, I try every two days but I put if off if I can, if I don’t have appointments and whatnot. I keep the house fairly tidy, but I’m not too good on cleaning, I should do more, sometimes my sister has to help motivate me to do it. And cooking I’m pretty lazy and do a lot of just frozen meals and fresh veggies.

I Wander, And Wonder, @Larry_F.

To Cure What Exactly (???).

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To cure all forms of mental disease. I write about it often in my articles. Excuse me I need to go and drink some water.

I’ve applied for nursing degree and I hope I’ll be successful in my application and I’ll manage to do the course with my lack of motivation.

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I’ll Wait And Drink Some Soda.

Water May Be Clear And Innocent.

But!, It’s Boring.

Plus!, It’s Not Bubbly (!!!).

But Go If You Must… . …

How do you cope with your day to day activities?

Note to Self:~ Search For Government Papers That Have Found Alien Signals From Outerspace. Maybe Find Ways to Find Signals Myself Somehow, Someway… . …

I don’t really do much. Tend to eat microwave meals and shower twice a week.

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Are you on meds? If so which ones? What your diagnosis?

Diagnosis Schizophrenia. On 40mg injection depixol every two weeks.

What’s the nursing program? How many hours will you be in school per day?

I’m not sure. Need to find all this out. If I work as nurse I’ll have to do 12 hour shifts.

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What type of nurse would you be training to be a CNA or an RN or LVN

Mental health nurse.

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Oh that would be so cool. I don’t know how much schooling that takes though. So I can’t tell you how much you’ll have to put into it. But I can tell you that if you don’t try you’ll never know. And a lot of people with sz go to school and do well.

Well folks. It’s been a late night. I think I’m going to go and work on my next editorial piece. Then off to the bathroom and bed.