Global mental health research funding - is it enough?

This is why I want to be a research psychologist because so little research is being done. So little.

No research= no improvement.

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The information provided by the global researcher at the forefront of his research,which clarifies his personal vision about the basic nature of the condition be called sz,prove that ,the researcher does not really know How the individual feels the vital existential characteristics of the whole condition within himself OR the details of its effects on the psychological self

This occurs despite the many (tedious) details in diagnosing the symptoms
In conclusion,the researcher is not an eyewitness to tell us real information that describe the existential aspect /functional of the whole condition that the individual feels and perceives within himself,and the researcher suffices to present his fantasies and the theoretical hypothesis about the basic nature of sz AS if it were the reality that the individual suffers from !

Extracting the facts of sz with the practical experiments /theoretical studies according to this approach should be disappointing !
A waste of time /effort for nothing

In any scientific research related the parasitical psychological self that be called sz;
You can notice that,there is no distinction between 2 different phenomena,the sz condition itself and its symptoms outputs

1-The first is the thing itself (the structure) in an isolation about everything,being a new whole living psychological self ,have an independent components,consciousness and personality (s) that emerged and was suddenly embodied in the time-place of the inner nature of the individual in the prime of the youth"s age
-It is embodies ,distributed and sustained in the inner nature by the same mechanism that the human psychological self embodiment ,so that the individual will perceive another psychological self that do not express about his own psychological self
2-The second phenomenon are those symptoms that arise from internal conflicts between the human psychological self ( the original owner of the organic body,the legitimate user) and the parasitical psychological self (s) which appeared suddenly at the age of youth

A conflict of opposites most time of waking around all aspects of the individual knowledge that he has known through out his life ,and this will reflecting on the balance level of the brain chemistry (the dynamic pathways of electrochemical signals,the direction,speed,metabolism ,energy…etc)

In essence ,it is an ideological conflict without stop most time of waking

The question: what is the right way to treatment the Symptoms?
( because there is no antibodies to treat a parasitical psychological self )