Giving control away

this is quite interesting for me and i thought i would share because i think it could be of immense benefit to others in someway,

now i am not trying to further peoples delusions or make people delusional so i hope that doesn’t happen here or anything like that and i dont want anyones voices to act up because of what i have written here either.

basically what i want to throw about is the idea of control, i think we all try to control our own thoughts and do things for ourselves all the time and we control everything that happens to us, even when our thoughts are out of control there is still a part of us that tries to cling on to that control, i was thinking and i thought 'what if we gave that control over to someone else and let them take control, i feel a lot better now after letting someone else take control (i’m talking about God) it takes a weight off of my shoulders so i let him take control and everything i do now is down to him,

if i feel bad i ask him for help and if i feel good i know it is because he is pleased with me and because he is in control anything that happens there is always someone or ‘something’ there that i can rely on, who better than him to take on our worries and who better than him to make us feel good,

you may not be able to see him but he is there, it is like the wind and when the wind blows you can feel it on your skin and you can see the tree’s move and hear it blow but you cannot see it but it is still there, that what i think anyway.

i wrote this because i have recently found that when i am in church and there is a silence i feel like things are starting to really come into place, he is in charge not me and he is trying to put things right with me and make things better.

sorry if you dont like the idea of this but it works for me and i just thought maybe someone might be open to the idea. take care.


It’s hard giving up control. It’s so hard asking for help. I’ve been thinking a lot lately just how much I do ask for help and my family seems more then willing to help me. When I didn’t ask, and I did push everyone away… that is when I was at my most lost.

I don’t know how it is for everyone, but I was going through my old journals and I came across an old rant from way back when… I was basically ranting that just because I was ill, I wasn’t an invalid. I was getting more then irritated at the family for planning my day without my input.

This old rant was so angry about not being in control of my own day. Back then I didn’t do a very good job being in control of anything, but it still made me so angry that I was a 20 year old man and had no control over my day. So I worked harder to get control and fell apart.

Now, I don’t stress about control, I don’t get upset if there are things beyond my control. The more I’ve let go of that control, the more control I seem to have. If I ask for help when I need help, then people around me, trust me more and when I don’t need help, I’m in control.

It’s a funny old world


we all need to believe in something…
take care


I agree with you.

Psalm 55:22

[quote]Throw your burden on Jehovah,
And he will sustain you.
Never will he allow the righteous one to fall.

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