Give your most delicious and budged friendly recipe

It’s 16 here and Ive eat one meal at 11.
I want to eat something good. Preferably that can go with sauce , what recipe do you recommend?

Yesterday’s pizza was very good, I’ve eaten it all haha

I would do something with fish, I don’t know what fish to use

Hake fish is nice…

Hmm well I cook these homechef meals they mail u the ingredients and instructions it’s fun to do I’ve learned a lot of good recipes this way.

The final step is always to make the sauce for it. That’s the best part usually!

Ouuuu do scampi.
Battered or breadcrumbed shrimp.
So good

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Boiled eggs with bread and raw tomatoes and pickled cucumbers,
Don’t forget salt and lots of red peppers,

I know guys, devil eggs. Gonna be great. See ya

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