Girls are equal, but different

I don’t think my mom and my aunt could ever get over the low esteem that can occur with being a girl. You have to remember that when they were young in the US, women couldn’t even vote.
So, don’t forget that just because we’re a little different from the boys, that doesn’t make us unequal.


My only hope in my country right now ls in a female.

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Do you mean in leadership or friendship?

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In leadership definitely. I would be an awe to be your friend of hers.

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Voting is a privilege, I wish more people would not squander it.


I have heard a lot that women have low self esteem. To me, it seems like women are very confident, but I guess I am reading them wrong. There are a lot of women reaching very high positions in society. I’ve been seeing a lot of female doctors, attorneys, and bank presidents. Their power is growing. It will be interesting to see how the world will go with women in so many positions of power.

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And lots of daddies are moms nowadays.

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Women are beautiful and strong too. I love being a woman and I love being myself. It is a beautiful thing to take pride in being one’s self. Being looked down on or being discriminated does not matter because it comes from others. All that matters is knowing who you are. Then you are powerful.


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