Gibberish poem

I am not good at poetry but I felt once to write this.

Bat (Net Pet)

Bad sustain,

Belle domain,

Blue pain,

Black curtain,

Abel and Cain.

Alice in Chains,

The Sadness Rain,

The Saddest Train.

No Pain, no gain,

ET do not complain.

Try, try once again.


how you doing, Dreamy?

Yeah, it’s random, kind of comes at you like bullets.
Just stay open with language, do it all the time,

on social media, or with family and friends, or on a blog.

Hi Daze. “Days are all the same: I miss those I do know not yet, I wait for those that will never come, I remember those who left me and I write love letters to strangers…” How are you doing today?

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me too, do you mail them, or would you, if you could?

Daze, since I am sad I live in the cyber-habitat basically… I feel there is nothing that is worthy outside. The places to go are endless, ok, but I am not appreciating them this way. I e-mail some people who have the delicacy of writing online about themselves only. Here in this community I have much respect for everyone, do want to be rude or improper subverting the purpose of the site. I would e-mail some people if I could.

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  • “do not want”, I correct the spelling…

they say, Dreamy, you should fall in love every day, with the produce clerk, the woman tending bar, the person running down your street.

don’t know.

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Lately I feel I do not fit in society. I want to be near those who understand and accept, those willing to relate themselves with me. I feel I fit disabled and mentally community much better. We are disperse. Then our culture here is not very open. I would go to a Mad Pride event if there existed one near me. I would go to events dedicated to “us” but that does not exist here too, I would go to a private party too. Besides that I just like to go to art events, but there I dont expect nothing but its purpose: art. It`s a little hard sometimes, I am sick but I am a fool, I know how to read the look in people eyes, I exactly know if I am welcome, if not, and I read a spectrum of emotions and attitudes too, I know very well if a girl have attraction or repulse for me for example, but then I can not change the way I am. Mostly do not like, I need to stay concise and critical too, because that mirror effect causes a depressive effect on me.

yeah, going out, I’m forced to not talk to myself, for fear of public scrutiny.

I do not talk to myself, I take medications since I was 19, I think medications make the look of my eyes strange and of course I have my little defects, I am not a model. My scrutiny is paranoid, the delusions and the behaviour related lead to be ashamed for what I did wrong: like to wait for people that do not exist at the airport. (That`s was critical I was very sick).

ooo, is it your picturing them there, or waiting to see what they reveal?

Just passing through, or you wanting to see and maybe even be them?

Good morning Daze. I fell asleep yesterday. It`s just the orbits of the eyes, I think they look tense and influence others, because the face expression is not always happy too. My perspective… little details matters. We are like empathetic mirrors sometimes. But thinking now: they are circular wanting to see what they reveal or they look scared and inspire fear, in extreme situations. The eyes are the gateways to our souls. You will see my strange look and ways on Abilify, check out “Dream Misty” at my You Tube channel. The question is that I am aware of everything, I look like that, they have an inadequate answer, probably they do not know what I mean, but they know it is strange and not good or frequent, a different mood at least… Then the mirroring effect occur. I wish I could always interview and demystify at the right moment, showing something positive of me. One technique I try to develop is to present me very clean, to use colours that favour my skin tone when I dress me, to be careful with small details. If I have opportunity I disclose a quality and not a defect. First impressions are important, some people decide to talk or not to us based upon on them.

I wouldn’t imagine, if I were you, that people can see into us, or that we can see into them,
as Frank O’Hara wrote: "And if some effectionado of my mess, says, That isn’t like Frank, well, all

to the good…" Importance I think is to keep them wondering, guessing, unsure, that’s when you
know you’ve got a look.

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Yes Daze, but we are still “animals” even if intelligent… Fearful people inspire fears to their children, aggressive ways or gestures might inspire violence more easily in some people. I understood your quote, but there is something more. But yes, that`s another technique I develop, to stay enigmatic and mysterious…

human interaction interests me a great deal. I’m taking an online class on sociology right now.

one of the problems I have with conflict theory, such as, there always needs to be a boss, and a worker/ a clerk and a patron/ the rich and the poor

is that it never changes, no social mobility.

It is Great Daze… Human interaction is very interesting, I did not solve my own puzzle yet. The concept of social group is very intriguing.

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