Getting really depress and out of the world right now

I feel unreal right now and also moderately depress,I got a small date with a girl I meet online on Sunday,I am quite stressed out right now,I hope I can climb out of this depression forever,it’s really upsetting

I am on mirtazapine 30mg and also abilify 5mg,I can’t laugh and talk because it’s just really uncomfortable right now,I hope to go to sleep soon and wake up tomorrow hopefully no depression

Also been using moodtracker online and note down everything necessary online,yesterday I was mildly depress today I put moderately,this was suggested by someone from this forum and it’s a good suggestion

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good luck with your date i hope it goes well and that mood tracker sounds like a good idea, i think what you want it to say is ‘happy’ all the time haha (i wish),


I don’t even expect myself to be really happy all the time but I want myself at least to be able to smile and laugh,not sit around feeling down and showing a long face to everyone I meet,even my parent…it’s just not normal

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is it just your illness that is causing it or maybe something else? maybe you should talk to your doc, i was the same as you before i changed to a better med but it might be different with you idk,

I think it’s the illness,really nothing I could do maybe a counsellor might help

It could be a number of things. Im getting full bloodwork done to see why I have mood swings, depressive and tired days and then testy and restless days. Maybe you need some sun or a mulitvitamin. You said you exercise every day, which is great, but maybe you need some vitamin D and B vitamins, hell it could be anything or just the illness.

I wish you luck on your date, when I first started dating again I had anxiety about it, after dating a lot of people I got over it. Only a couple of people were successful in my dates so far, I met a lot of losers and also people who just werent compatible, they liked to get drunk or were not right in the head themselves or were frankly losers, or in some cases other tops which was just awkward.

But keep at it and you might at least find someone to have sex with, which is better than nothing, sex is a basic need so I dont turn down the whole sex buddy thing, Ive had a couple of those types of relationships. They inevitably got a little emotional but I did well to cut that part out- sex buddies are supposed to be friends, not lovers, but sometimes its hard to draw the line when youre both done having sex and then end up talking and opening up to each other and talking to eachother during the day.

they say that sex breeds love. I dunno, I considered my partners good friends but I didnt love them and had no problem calling it game over after a while.

I remember out private message chat, just be yourself and dont think that dating is everything, you need to be strong first. I made that mistake before, thinking that being successful in dating and sex would make me feel stronger, no it doesnt, strength comes from within.

Avoid being clingy or clingy people too. Reek of confidence and good things will happen. It takes practice, dont expect to be Romeo if you havent dated much yet.

I understand feeling emotionally numb- I have been there. I think it’s the illness. Talk to your docs about it, that is beyond fellow schizer’s realm of support.

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I myself have cooled it on the dating and casual sex thing, I want a relationship now. I am finding more satisfaction in this competitive powerlifting thing, I feel better getting seriously stronger than I did my just getting some heads or tails. I was gonna end up with an STD at the rate I was going and Im not curious about sex anymore, to say the least, its actually not that great once youve had lots of it and lost count of the times you have done it, but really attractive people still get me lustful.

Thank you for the comment mortimermouse… Very off topic to the main post

Brother,yes I workout almost 2 hrs a day without miss 6 days a week but I am really not in my mind because I can’t have much good/positive thinking,I don’t know what can bloodwork do for my schizophrenia symptoms if it’s really helpful I will ask my pdoc to take my blood this coming Wednesday when I had my appointment…I am still slightly depress but better than yesterday probably because I typed this right after working out,I feel bad because I take my meds religiously and it’s been over 5 years but I still had not been stable for long(like 6 months),I am going to work now hope to hear from you guys