Getting a haircut soon

Maybe next month I will get a hair cut…it’s not long but I don’t want to wait a whole year like before…every six months now is how often I’d like to get it cut. is your hair short or long?


I now go to the hairdresser once in 2 months… :slight_smile: Am a girl, but i keep my hair short, i find this more interesting still hehe, plus yeap, its easy to maintain…
But more than 2 months without a cut, it loses its shape too…
Go for it too, its one of our pleasures too heh :smiley:


My hair is short. I usually choose a buzz cut.


Me too ! I have a complete restyle booked for the 8th at my favourite place to go. I want a good cut before baby is born.

Also my son is having his cut in the morning (God help us all cos hes a nightmare with haircuts)


My hair is short. I try to go every 3 months to the hairdresser. Costs 29€ for a wash and cut.


I just got a short haircut. I get about 2 haircuts a year. I kept my hair longer for a while tho


Short :relieved: but it’s longer now than has been in a while and working on my hair loss from thyroid.

I’m trying to advoid cutting my hair which is tempting. Sorry for being prissy :smiling_face:


It’s a nice hair cut you have.

I had a similar cut once .
I would have that hair cut again if i could find it to show hairdresser.

Now I’m wearing my hair long down just past shoulders.
It won’t grow past a certain length.

I had hair loss too and am using regaine.

I hope to get a trim next week.

I go to the hair dresser twice a year I think.

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