Get paid today.Going to order a comic

This is my first monthly salary since 2013 as I was unemployed for 3 years.
Even it is lower than USD 250, I am satisfied with it given the number of working hours (4 hours/day only).

I am going to order a mysterious comic soon and will post it on here.
For those who have missed out my previous ordered comics, here are they again:

Each costs me about USD 15.

Say “no” to stigma associated with Schizophrenia

Can you please peel off the “Schizophrenia” label?

Suicide prevention associated with mental illness

Sir, would you like to consult a psychiatrist?

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What’s the English translation of those cartoons? They look interesting.

I have edited my original post…Thanks and enjoy!

I really have no ideas how to differentiate between “cartoon” and “comic” (even in my first language). Are both referring to the same thing?

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I guess a cartoon is one picture, and a comic is a book of pictures.

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I always thought a comic had to be funny, hence comic… but than again there are comic books, not cartoon books. Ah well, google probably knows

Edit: found this:

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A comic is a magazine with several picture-stories in cartoon form.

I’d agree with that definition from that webpage.

A person who is funny though, can also be called a comic, so it has 2 meanings.


So comic books should be called cartoon books? :smile:

Yes, technically. Or are you being comical? :stuck_out_tongue:

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It’s all I needed to know. Comic books are now cartoon books for me

No!! They’re comic books! You can call them cartoon books in your head though!

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That’s all I’m saying :grin:

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I think all comic books are cartoons, but all cartoons are not comic books.

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