Geoden vs Haldol?

I have yet to try Geoden and only been taking a low dose of Haldol. What should I expect if I switch to Geoden??? What side effects do you have? Does anyone have that chart link, comparing the APs and side effects?

& scroll down to Table 3.

I’m still taking geodon zeldox 80 mg a day. At first I was taking 80 morning 80 night. Geodon reverses your sleep cycle. I was sleeping in the mornings (passing out in other words) for 4 hours and at night I would get high and stay awake till 6 am. It’s a horrible medication. It ruined my life and now I’m slowly switching to Latuda. I started Latuda last month and I don’t see any side effects. It didn’t work for me, I don’t know if it’s gonna work for you. You also have to take it with a big meal.

Other than that, the half life of geodon is 6-7 hours so if you take it only at night, which I’m doing now, you would get withdrawal symptoms the next day afternoon. Sometimes I feel miserable, anxious and ‘not myself’. I can’t wait to get off it.

Why were you dosing this way?

Trying to avoid the sfx by taking a very short-acting anti-P only once a day will almost surely induce withdrawal effects.

I’m trying to get off of it. It was 80-80 morning and night, I have stopped the morning dosage, soon I will reduce the night one too.

Just bear in mind that it might be better to take a lower dose twice a day than to blow off a dose once a day. Especially with a med that has only a 6-to-8-hour half life.

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yeah you’re absolutely right but it was ruining my life. I was passing out in the mornings after taking the med. For 1 year, I woke up at 4:30 am and took the pill and went back to sleep so that the side effects would wear off by 7 am when I got up to go to work. Honestly I can’t wait to stop this medication completely.

I wasn’t crazy about the stuff, either. Fortunately, Seroquel came along, and changed everything.

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I’ve been on Geodon, or Zeldox here, for over 4 years. I take 160 and take it all at night, even just 40 mg in the morning would totally knock me out when I tried splitting the dose. You need to take it with food, if I don’t take it with food I get anxiety before the next dose. It causes me to sleep 12 hours a night, it makes me sleepy about 2 hours after taking it, this hasn’t changed the whole 4,5 years I’ve been on it. Besides the sleeping, the anxiety if I don’t take it with food and slight akathisia I haven’t had any side-effects. I take Abilify and Risperidone with it, but used to be on just Geodon for a year, so I know what it causes in me.

I’ve been stable on Geodon and Seroquel for over ten years. I guess I’ve been lucky, because I haven’t noticed too many unpleasant side effects. These drugs do weaken me physically. When I was not on an AP any time I felt like it I could do 2,000 repetitions on the jump rope and never miss. Now that I’m on Geodon and Seroquel I can barely do 200. I was on the Haldol shot for a long time, and though I was stable, it was the worst time of my life. I hate Haldol in any form.

In my experience haloperidol is a dirty med. I got terrible akathisia (was pretty much occasionally entertaining suicide to end the compulsion to move my legs). My tongue was doing all sorts of funny stuff and I kept repeating the same phrase over and over. Not nice.

Saying that some people find haloperidol as a life changer and with few side effects. Just whatever works for you.

I am the poster child of Geodon. Give it a shot.

I liked Geodon with the exception of the first hour I felt like a truck had run me over and backed up. Had to discontinue it due to high prolactin levels found on a test rather than me complaining of the symptom.

Haldol- Ive had both the shot 75mg every other week and 5-10mg tablet once a day.
On the shot, my head was too quiet, nothing, nada, empty, zero, negative, hollow. Although I was passive and pleasant, I could listen but not talk. Nothing to say because there was no thinking going on.
I gave it my best after almost a year, and switched to the tablet.

I’m the oddball here, but I liked Haldol at 5mg daily.
Wished I had med insurance, I might give it another go.

I take only .5mg Haldol

“Different strokes… for different folks.”

Are my genetics like yours? Probably not.

Different meds meet different genetics in different ways.

I was there first, so get in line.

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I am on 200mg of Geodon and it works wonders. I couldn’t take it just once a day. The symptoms returned with a vengeance. I also don’t have any side effects with it. It’s funny my boyfriend takes 100mg at night and if he doesn’t take it at a certain time he can’t fall asleep. He takes it for his bipolar disorder. :sunny:

Does it make you lethargic? I dont want to take something during the day that makes me tired.

Were you hearing voices prior?

It doesn’t cause any lethargy in me. I have no side effects. But everyone is different. Like I said it helps my boyfriend sleep, but he’s bipolar and I’m sz so I don’t know if that makes a difference. I rarely hear voices, but I have visual hallucinations. The demon I see communicates telepathically, not as a voice but I know exactly what he is saying. The Geodon did make him go away. Recently I had a couple of episodes so in addition to the Seroquel and Geodon I now take 10mg of Saphris. That pretty much knocked everything out. Geodon is a good med though. When I started taking it all once a day I realized how well it works because I became very ill. Good luck with it. :sunny: