Genetics and Pharmacogenetics of Schizophrenia: Recent Progress

Schizophrenia is a complex and debilitating chronic mental illness, and genetic factors play a major role in its etiology and development. Traditional genetic studies estimated the heritability of schizophrenia to be 70% to 90%.1 With the rapid advance of genomic technologies, the past decade has seen an explosion of genetic studies in schizophrenia, which opened new doors for our understanding of the molecular mechanisms in this brain disease. Some experts consider these developments to signal the advent of personalized medicine.2 With our newfound knowledge of the human genome, treatment may be increasingly tailored to the individual. This article reviews some of the most recent findings in genetics and pharmacogenetics of schizophrenia—especially those with clinical implications. - See more at:


What new information does this article provide ?----they asked

They answered:
1-these finding SUGGEST that multiple genes are involved in
increased RISK of sz

2-Large case-control studies have NOT found a consistent
association between DISC 1 and schizophrenia

3-Although genes such as DISC 1 are linked to sz,
they are neither necessary nor sufficient for development

we say:
there is one fault gene for each serious genetic disease,
while these studies talking about multiple genes for sake
increasing risk of sz { not to causing the sz}

treatment the schizophrenia with the genes remain
the only evidence to prove that sz is genetic disease
(exchange the ill gene by healthy gene }

all details of these studies is just an article
about the genes and its functions,and does not
contain any information about the relation between
genetic functions and the accurate details of psychosis symptoms