Gearing up for New Year's Eve...2021 hopeful comments please

I feel happy about leaving this year behind…fresh new start…yayyyy…what are your hopes for this new year 2021?

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I’m joking.

I actually am very hopeful for the new year.


I hope it will be ok but i think financially things might go belly up, if not this year then soon but i’m not an authority on it, my fuel payments seem to have gone up already, i heard the people on benefits are probably the safest money wise bc we don’t need to worry about losing a job or paying rent etc idk, when he crap hits the fan though i think everybody will suffer but idk when that will be.

sorry probably not very hopeful lol but i am just going to roll with the blows and just try and survive as usual

I’m just hoping that America can get it’s economy back on track.


it all depends on january 5th control of the senate…we will see…I am hopeful because Georgia is turning out in record numbers again.

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