Gaining a PhD when you have schizophrenia


I am proud for that person and wish them the best. I went through the exact same trial but, unlike them, I failed horribly. This is proof that ones own willpower is key.

I may blame my own failure on lack of information, parent who insisted my delusions are real, the different nature of my delusions or something else. In reality I was simply weak. I encourage everyone to be better than myself and praise the hero of the article.

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It’s a great achievement. However it seems he had minimal negative symptoms. Positive symptoms have far less of a negative impact on cognitive performance than negative symptoms. If you’re a person with predominantly negative symptoms then the chances of achieving a PhD are far smaller.


Remarkable, to get through a PhD whilst having the effects of both the condition and th medication is definitely worth celebrating.

Like him. I’m aiming for a PhD. I’m not exactly a stellar student anymore, but I hope I can make some progress and continue on from there too. This news is really welcome for me


Thats amazing. What was the subject or major ? Just curious.

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I dropped out of undergrad math my senior year. Never made it that far. I guess im ordinary.

I think i pushed myself too hard and broke down. Its not uncommon to study infinity as a math major and then go crazy. I sort of wish i finished my degree, but i do have a severe case with negative symptoms. I got bad delusions too and bad perceptual difficulties and distortions…

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I want to return to school to receive a masters in science. I want to learn how to write scientifically since my major was in the sciences. I am old though and am in my 50s. I don’t know if grad school will accept me. We shall see.