Funny video

Can somebody post this video(Hippo video). This is going to be the biggest fart, that you have ever seen. It is amazing…lol lol lol

youtube vid? Why don’t you post it yourself?

I don’t know how to post videos.

just put the link (webaddress) where you type and then it will show up as video

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I’m not sure how to do it. Can somebody still post the hippo video. Thank you

what hippo video? Where do we have to find it? I’d post it for you but i don’t know where to find it.

You can google it and say hippo fart.

that one?

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Yes, thank you lekkerhondje. :smiley: :smiley:

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you are welcome =D

That was f*ckin disgusting!


lol yea… i agree =p

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LOL! Groooooooosy! :crazy_face:

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