Funny to me

walked into a restaraunt to see if I could use their restroom. Some guy rushed up to me and startled me. I don’t know what his trip was but I made some punk remark in defense and asked if I could use their restroom and he said yes. I’m pretty sure he knew I had a mental illness because I lost my cool for a second.

There were only two tables of people inside the restaraunt and I passed one to get to the restroom and it was some twenty-something year old girl and an older lady. They saw my interaction with the guy and they were laughing. I knew they could tell had a mental illness. I’ve seen that look on peoples faces before.

While I was peeing I thought about those two women and it made me mad and as I walked out I passed them and said to the young one, “Honey, you ain’t good looking enough to laugh like that.”
Dead silence and I just gave them a smile and walked out.
I don’t usually do stuff like that but it was pretty satisfying and maybe they’ll think twice about laughing at strangers.

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